Empiric Partners are here to help!

In these uncertain times EP is launching a package of measures which offer informed, calm and measured advice to support businesses who are trying to make sense of the threats and challenges we are all facing.
Our package includes but is not limited to the following;
Practical advice and finance
  • Help you work through Government backed financial support available to your business

  • Advise on other opportunities to access loans, working capital solutions, grants and funding

  • Identify “burn rate” and cost reduction opportunities

  • Create revised forecasting that helps you understand the challenges you face and plan for the future

  • How IT can support your business, e.g. using online meetings to stay in touch with staff and customers in a secure way.

  • Identify short term actions to help your business survive

Leadership and decision making
  • Someone to share the burden of making difficult but effective decisions

  • How to meet the current leadership challenges and keep your staff protected and engaged;

  • Someone who is there to help find solutions to problems and bounce ideas around;

  • To assist you in providing essential communication with staff, customers and clients to provide reassurance and confidence.

  • Make use of “down time” to ensure you are ready to “hit the ground running” 

Strategic (Looking to the future)
  • What will be different in the future that may require fresh strategic thinking for your business?

  • Revised business and financial planning

  • How might technology help your business in the long term not just during the current crisis?

  • Future business continuity planning including cyber security

In these unique circumstances we do not pretend that the Empiric team have all the answers. However, we have all led businesses through major recessions and learnt to step sideways when the world is heading backwards; in short, we have the experience to offer practical advice to help your business survive these uncertain times.

We offer a free consultation, online or by phone, to see how we can help.
Call one of our partners directly and confidentially Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm on the following numbers: -
Mike Duff:     07508 789387    
David Willis:  07770 731580 
Tony Cross:   07713 985738      
David Willis:  07770 731580 
Peter Elliot:    07472 041265       
David Butler:  07931 671943

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