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HS2 and London Crossrail are great for commuters, but what if your business lies in the way?

Billions are being spent upgrading the UK’s rail infrastructure with promises of faster journeys and a boost to business and the economy. But what does it mean if your business literally lies in the way?

In West London, a major redevelopment in the Old Oak Common and Park Royal area is in its early stages. HS2 and Crossrail meet at this location with new stations and major construction planned impacting local businesses now and for years to come.

Opportunities and threats.

For some businesses, who own their freehold, the wider regeneration programme provides an excellent opportunity to redevelop their site and realise a significant profit. For the majority of leasehold businesses, they face a period of uncertainty waiting to hear when redevelopment is going to impact them. Landlords understandably are keen to maximise their rental incomes for as long as possible and so timescales for many businesses about when they will be impacted are vague at best.

But, with many businesses dependent upon local customers and therefore wishing to stay within their current vicinity, waiting “to see what will happen” is a dangerous strategy. By the time you decide to act others may have beaten you to it and nearby relocation options may have been lost. For those wishing to stay local the sooner you act the better. Being an early adopter will give you greater choice in what happens to your business.

Many small businesses could do without this additional headache, when they are already worried about day to day problems not to mention Brexit. But, as with most things in life, the sooner you start your planning the better able you are to deal with an issue when it arrives.

The good news is there is help at hand.

Empiric Partners have teamed up with a business relocation specialist, Build Consultants who have a 25 year track record in helping companies move. They offer a complete relocation service with expertise in finding the ideal property match to accommodate your specific business requirements. They can negotiate with current or future landlords to get you the best deal when breaking an existing lease agreement or help you with a new lease arrangement.

For freeholders, they can also help with planning and redevelopment of your existing site.

Successful businesses look at future threats and turn them into opportunities. If your business is under threat from redevelopment, either now or in the future then don’t wait to see what happens.

Speak to us today and we can start to plan for your future. We can work with you to make sure you stay in control of your own destiny, are on the front foot when it comes to relocating and that you have a robust plan that ensures your business survives and prospers.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help then call David Willis at Empiric Partners.

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