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Empiric Partners Launch: High Growth Support Programme™

“In a complex and uncertain world, we will provide you with a comprehensive and intelligent response to managing your growth and minimising your risk”

HGSP™ is a ground-breaking comprehensive programme of support targeted directly at the core challenges facing ambitious businesses and organisations undergoing rapid growth and expansion.

Our Offer

Support is tailored to the individual needs of each organisation, offering a menu of options to cover the technical and professional services essential for the mitigation of risk and for successful growth.

There are two stages when this support is likely to be of value:

  • pre-investment: we can help you at an early stage to get your business ‘investment-ready’ by supporting your strategy development and business planning. We can help to articulate your growth story and introduce you to sources of potential funding or investment.

  • post-investment: there will be an immediate focus on maintaining continuity and delivering return on investment (ROI). We can look after the technical and operational aspects associated with the need for rapid growth, leaving the directors to focus on delivering strategy.

Our bespoke support will help your business in three distinct areas within one seamless service. It is this unique mix that sets Empiric Partners aside, providing call-off support at all stages of your growth plan.


A step up in scale or scope brings pressure on those in leadership positions and is often a missing element in optimising success. We address this need for development during both preparation and delivery stages by giving leaders confidential time and space to think; to have clarity of vision, manage resilience, reflect on team behaviour and hone their leadership skills.

We offer world-class coaching to address these hidden aspects of leading change. This is valuable for senior leaders, owner directors and all those responsible for implementing change and delivering on strategy, plus enabling executives to thrive in a new or fast changing environment.

Organisational Change

Rapid growth is built on key elements to strengthen organisational capacity and performance. Our professional partners will provide call-off assistance in specialist areas of change management including organisational design, culture change and communications strategies, all of which will help your employees adjust to expanding roles and new objectives.

Experience shows that transformational change is best achieved through establishing a clear, shared vision across the whole business. Our approach is to work alongside senior directors and staff to fully embed cultural and organisational change.

Functional Expertise

Our hands-on experience combined with our professional knowledge ensures that you have help with the practical issues arising from growth. We will be your virtual board, tailored to the specific and often temporary needs of a growing business.

Our input can be through interim, (part time), positions within your business or through defined consultancy tasks. This provides cost effective functional support whilst avoiding an immediate commitment to employing full time staff. Our partners are experienced in practical tasks such as compliance, business planning, sales and marketing and targeted training.

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